How my book may start/end

"This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen," she said under her breath. "I think I said the same exact thing when I first saw this," I replied. The man on the stage looked like he was just about done pulling anal beads out of his conjoined twin's anus. I mean, I could only hope… Continue reading How my book may start/end

I talk about important television in my life

Every day, there's usually one or a few things that remind me of some very important life lesson I've learned through TV shows and have been reinforced through very defining circumstances in my life. I want to credit TV shows. It seems they are so quickly and easily dismissed. You watch them and think the… Continue reading I talk about important television in my life

I talk about a song on the Moana soundtrack

I think there's a certain thrill in anticipation of listening to a song for the first time, expecting to like it, particularly when the song starts just the way that's right for your ears and only gets better. I have abundant expectations for Moana. A Polynesian princess? Hell yes! And for the soundtrack, Alessia Cara recorded How… Continue reading I talk about a song on the Moana soundtrack