I talk about love

Maybe I have been out of a relationship for too long during what is usually considered a critical time period for developing relationships. I have no idea what a relationship nowadays is supposed to be like. I have only my influenced ideas and my damn good past relationship off which to base my expectations for… Continue reading I talk about love

I talk about ink

There are two very distinct ways to feel about tattoos, apparently. I think there were, actually, but today most people fall under the first derivative of the bell curve. Am I using these statistics terms correctly? I sure hope so. Before, one either maligned those who got inked or was the one that got inked.… Continue reading I talk about ink

I talk about repentance

Starting this particular string of thoughts has been especially difficult considering the sheer emotional breadth of the topic. I don't have many regrets, but among the handful (maybe even less than a handful) is my less-than-favorable relationship with my brother, especially when we were younger. I feel the repercussions now. I feel largely responsible for… Continue reading I talk about repentance