I talk about the magic of magic

I think redefining terms and phrases and challenging conceptions and schools of thought is important. Don’t take this the wrong way, though. It is unequivocally annoying when I come across someone who seems to be oppositional because why the fuck not. I avoid this person at all costs and at all times. They are never aware of their effect, never aware of how they come off, never aware of the attitude they exhibit.


Redefining should always be based on some sort of foundation. Language is fluid, so all parts must be fluid. Language evolves, so all parts must evolve. Language is different for everyone, so how it could possibly be, in any way, shape, or form, static? The beauty of language is that it is emotionally and logically driven, in some combination of the two.

The word magic means the art of producing illusions, producing a desired effect through incantation or other, or extraordinary influence. I’m a very avid supporter of that last one. The idea that magic is something outside of the ordinary that affects the ordinary and produces something greater than the sum of its parts. My definition is based on this concept. The Batarang to its Batman.

To me, magic is the soul of the natural and naturally occurring. The soul that puts itself on an exhibit when I sit on a bench under shade during summer as I wait for my friends to come back from the bathroom and feel the warm air not against my skin but with it; it’s evident when I’m sitting across from my parents at a restaurant and my mom shoulder-bumps my dad because he’s joking around with her; vibrant and brilliant when I listen to music that moves my own soul, whether compassionately or ecstatically or sympathetically.

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