I talk about scattered thoughts

I want to start off by saying that it seems that the word “lost” is thrown out very often, in titles and emotional definition. But cliches are cliches for a reason. They are common among and resonant with many people.

I am very comfortable with who I am. And such comfort grants a certain flexibility. Changing myself is not a big deal; such a thought was founded through Abed.

I don’t consider myself a rare breed, but I do recognize that active self-improvement is not a common trait among young adults. Changing myself is something I want to keep doing because I know I am not perfect, but I want to be great in everything I do. (Working hard is my downfall, but nothing is off-limits to be changed.) So, I always try to remain aware of who I want to become and who I am now, because if the two people are moving in opposite directions, I’m failing.

Often it seems that one of the biggest fears that threatens the mental and emotional stability of people is change, whether it is of themselves or those around them.

I just had a lot of thoughts about change in a very short change, but even then, I think that, despite how little was written, the thoughts were concise. Anyway.

Simply put, I think that if you are actively changing yourself, you must always remember to take moments to be self-aware. I’ve found through personal experience that having a goal but never remembering to see the big picture every once in a while is detrimental to achieving that goal.

I like this post because I got many thoughts out clearly, though they may not all relate and could definitely be expanded.